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Supermarket POS

Best Supermarket software with Super-fast POS Billing. This is designed to manage all the supermarket activities like supermarket billing, accounting, inventory from a single POS system.

This system was developed with the grocery store and retail environment in mind. Our unique features will help you to run your grocery store smoothly. And at the same time, providing customer satisfaction for your customers, they will become repeat customers. One unique feature of the system is shelf label printing which will help to have your store organized. Also, you can maintain a loyal customer system to attract your repeat customers.

A typical configuration for a grocery store POS system
  1. The HX-5500 POS terminal.
  2. The BTP-R880NP thermal receipt printer
  3. Any inkjet printer (Brother/HP etc.)
  4. All steel cash drawer with a cash insert
  5. Omnidirectional scanner
  6. Additional peripherals as required.
  7. Product inventory and customer loyalty programs
  8. Fully integrated debit and credit software supporting all major banks and credit card companies.
Supermarket POS

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